Annual General Meeting


The British Journal of Photography gave an account of the EPS 1878 AGM, held on 6 November 1878.  At the Meeting, Marshall Wane was elected a Member of EPS.

Other details of the AGM were:

-  EPS Membership:  16 members had left and 66 had joined in the previous year, bringing the total membership to 343

-  During the previous year there had been Photographic Outings to North Queensferry, North Berwick, and Bride of Earn.

-  Over 100 Member had participated in the Annual Excursion.  The 1878 Annual Excursion had been to Winton Castle.

-  Thanks were given for several donations made to EPS, including thanks to GW Wilson of Aberdeen for his presentation of an Archer's Fluid Lens.

-  Accounts of the Society were reproduced in the BJP report.

-  Sir Niel Paton was thanked for allowing one of his pictures to be reproduced in carbon by Messrs Doig, McKechnie & Davies to be made available to EPS Members as the EPS Presentation Print.

[British Journal of Photography:   15 November 1878,  p.594]