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'The Practical Photographer'  was published monthly, from around January 1890 until July 1900, by:

Percy Lund & Co,
The County Press,

The editor was Matthew Surface.

The journal was available by post in the UK at a cost of 2s 0d pa.  It had a circulation in its early years of around 10,000 copies per month.

The Journal was continued as:

Jan 1890 to Jul 1900: 

 Practical Photographer
 Editor: Matthew Surface

Aug 1900 to Jul 1903: 

 Practical and Junior Photographer
 Editor: Percy Lund

Oct 1903 to Mar 1906: 

 Practical  Photographer  -  Library Series
 Rev. FC Lambert

Apr 1906 to Dec 1907: 

 Practical  Photographer  -  Studio Series
 Rev. FC Lambert


Source:  Catalogue of the National Library of Scotland


Each month's edition had about 40 pages.

There were photographs, (unfortunately some were not very high quality reproductions, at least in the early years).  By the mid-1890s there were some interesting whole-page photos.

There were also many line drawings:

-   some to illustrate composition and artistic effects

-   others as cartoons.

Pages measured about 7.75 ins x 6 ins, considerably smaller than the pages of BJP and other early photographic journals.

Regular Features

Regular features of the publication, by the mid-1890s were:

-  Editorial Focus

-  Correspondents' Corner

-  Personal

-  Correspondence

-  Under the Sun [news]

-  Process Work

-  Practical Work

-  Invention and Manufacture

-  Literature

-  Photographs of the Month

-  Coming Events.

References to Photography
in Edinburgh

By the 1890s, Edinburgh Photographic Society was producing its own transactions, so was not relying on BJP, The Practical Photographer or any other journal to record its events. 

Nevertheless, the journals below do include several references to the activities of EPS and of Edinburgh's professional photographers.




I have not yet checked what reference to Edinburgh there was in other years' editions of this journal.

I have read The Practical Photographer for the following years, looking for material relevant to Edinburgh:  1895



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