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Below are some of the articles from the 1895 journal,
several having particular relevance to Edinburgh.

Edition Topic

January 1895


Obituary of EPS member and Edinburgh professional photographer, Alex Ayton

March 1895

pp. 65-72

Leading article on HP Robinson, who was an exhibitor and Medal winner in early Photographic Society of Scotland exhibitions, including photographs of HP Robinson

March 1895

after p.80

Photographs by HP Robinson including:

Fading Away

Somebody's Coming

Here They Come  -  Henry Peach Robinson

March 1895


HP Robinson is photographed by flashlight.

March 1895


New cameras from Eastman Co - the Regular Kodet camera and  Folding Kodet camera  (both illustrated).

Equipment from the 1890s  -  RegularKodet Camera     Equipment from the 1890s  -  Folding Kodet Camera

April 1895
p. 97

Animal Photography

Illustrated article by EPS Lecturer and Medal winner, Charles Reid of Wishaw.

April 1895
after p.112

Animal Photography

More photographs by EPS Lecturer and Medal winner, Charles Reid of Wishaw.

 Charles Reid  -  Lecturer to Edinburgh Photographic Society in the 1880s and 1890s

Animal Photography

A mosaic by Burntisland photographer, Andrew Young

May 1895

On Printing Photographic Pictures from Several Negatives

Lecture by HP Robinson in which he described how he had created his photograph, Fading Away from several negatives.  PSS had previously awarded HP Robinson with a Silver Medal for this photograph.

Fading Away  -  Henry Peach Robinson

The Practical Photographer described this as:

"A communication read before the Phototrophic Society of Scotland, March 13th 1860, containing valuable information on an old subject in which new interest has been lately aroused."

HP Robinson gave further advice later in the year, in an article in The Practical Photographer entitled: "Aim High"

[The Practical Photographer, Nov 1895, p.328]

May 1895


New cameras and equipment - Beresford's Paragon Focusser and Flat Folding Kodak Camera (both illustrated).

Photographic Equipment from the 1890s  -  Beresford's Paragon Focusser         Photographic Equipment from the 1890s  -  Flat Folding Kodak Camera

Sept 1895


New camera from Sanderson  -  Universal Swing Front Camera

 Photographic Equipment from the 1890s  -  Sanderson's Universal Swing Front Camera        Photographic Equipment from the 1890s  -  Sanderson Universal Swing Front Camera

Sept 1895


Equipment from  AH Baird, Edinburgh

Photographic Apparatus  -  AH Baird  -  1895  -  The 'Lothian' Book Slide         Photographic Apparatus  -  AH Baird  -  1895  -  The 'Lothian' Stereoscope

Oct 1895


Photographic Equipment  -  a novelty camera

Photographic Equipment in the 1890s  -  Novelty camera     Photographic equipment from the 1890s  -  Novelty camera in use

Dec 1895


Andrew Young - Photographer and painter in Kirkcaldy, then Burntisland, Fife.  He worked for John Patrick in Kirkcaldy before John Patrick opened his studio in Edinburgh.

A photograph of Aberdour, Fife by Andrew Young appeared on the page preceding this article

Dec 1895


Obituary for J Traill Taylor, a Founding Member of Edinburgh Photographic Society

Dec 1895


Announcement that Lizars would open a branch warehouse at Maitland Street, Edinburgh. (The company is still at this location, over 100 years later.)



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