The Photogram


Below are some of the articles from the 1895 journal,
several having particular relevance to Edinburgh.

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Mar 1895

pp. 65-72

Leading article on HP Robinson, who was an exhibitor and Medal winner in early Photographic Society of Scotland exhibitions, including photographs of HP Robinson

Facing Title Page

Portrait of The Late J Traill Taylor

Mar 1895

pp. 57-58

Brief Biography of J Traill Taylor FRPS, Founding Member of EPS and Editor of BJP.

Mar 1895

p. 72

1."Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses" by J Traill Taylor

2. "Picture Making by Photography" by
HP Robinson

Photo-micrographic work by AH Baird

Apr 1895


Brief biography of HP Robinson including portrait, comments on his art and photography, and his links with photographic societies

Apr 1895


Photograph of sculptor John Rhind ARSA and his studio by Frank P Moffat, son of John Moffat.  Frank Rhind was the Father in Law of FP Moffat.

May 1895


Note of AH Baird's change of address in Lothian-street, Edinburgh.

Aug 1895


The Lothian stereoscope and book slide described.  Both were  produced by AH Baird.

Sep 1895


Article concerning lady retouchers, including rates of pay.

Sep 1895


Brief Biographies -  Five Prize Winners

This article includes references to the Edinburgh Professional Photographers:]

John Moffat

Frank P Moffat

RS Webster

Marshall Wane

Sep 1895


Photogram by RS Webster that won fourth prize in the 'Cadett' International Prize Competition.

Sep 1895


The Lothian stereoscope produced by AH Baird  -  illustration..

Dec 1895


The Late J Traill Taylor.


Photogram by FP Moffat:
"The Master Hand"


Photogram by FP Moffat.  This photograph won 100 prize in the 'Cadett' International Prize Competition':
Title:  "My age is as a lusty winter: frosty, but kindly"



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