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Photograph by

Frank Pelham Moffat FRPS

"My Age is as a lusty winter; frosty, but kindly"  -  As You Like It

Photograph by Frank Pelnam Moffat  -  Title of Photograph taken from 'As You Like It'

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

The photograph above was featured in Supplement to 'The Photogram' in 1895.

This photograph won 1st Prize (100) in the Cadett Competition.  There were eight prize-winners in this competition, which was judged by Harold Baker and WJ Byrne.  One of the winning entries was reproduced in The Photogram and four more were reproduced in 'Supplement to 'The Photogram' in 1895.  Brief biographies of the five photographers were included in 'The Photogram in September 1895  [pp.211-212]

The photograph was reported to have been taken by Frank P Moffat, trading as John Moffat.