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John Moffat

and his Other Photographs

Talbot and Brewster

Moffat photographed Talbot and Brewster, by the light of burning magnesium wire, at a PSS Meeting in 1864.  Here is one of his cartes de visite of Talbot and Brewster:

Carte de Visite  -  Brewster and Talbot

©  Reproduced from the National Museum of Photography Film, and Television by courtesy of the Science and Society Picture Library.  
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John Moffat also photographed Mr & Mrs Gladstone, and portraits of Edinburgh University Professors.

Mt & Mrs Gladstone on Mr Binko's Electric Railway  -  Photograph by John Moffat ©

Robert Louis Stevenson

Edinburgh Public Library collection includes ten photographs by Moffat of the Edinburgh author of Treasure Island, Robert Lewis Stevenson, aged 2, 3, 4, 10, 15 and 20 (c.1852-70).

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John Moffat's Studio

300,000 Negatives

Some indication of the volume of John Moffat’s studio work can be gained from the comments below, written in 1904:

“The well known electric and day-light studios for portraiture, including a special studio with toys for photographing children.  Moffats has a stock of 300,000 negatives including some old views of Edinburgh. 

Specialists in group work, 'at home'  and outdoor photography.  Also miniatures, water colour paintings and oil paintings, either from life or from a photograph, by AE Moffat”   [Industries Art Commerce Century XX]

How many have survived?

Estimates of the number of negatives in John Moffat's study vary from "over 100,000"  to "300,000 (in the quote above).   The number  had reduced to 10,000 by the time the firm was taken over by ER Yerbury. 

John Moffat, great grandson of John Moffat the photographer, was unsuccessful in his attempts to trace these in the 1990s.    [JM]

I have also been unsuccessful in tracing any of them.


Photographs published


JR Russell (Edinburgh)

I have several post-cards by JR Russell of Edinburgh [JRRE], all showing Clergymen  -  two of the photos were taken by John Moffat.

 Post Cards

John R Russell:  A postcard portrait of Rev M Gardner, taken by John Moffat ©


Rev M Gardner

John R Russell:  A postcard portrait of Rev Dr J H WIlson, taken by John Moffat ©


Rev Dr J H Wilson