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Moffat / Knott / Elwell

Family Tree

  Reproduced by courtesy of John Moffat, formerly of Eastbourne, grandson of John Moffat, b.1819.

Family Tree

Further Comments


Michael Avery, formerly from London, now living in Germany, has sent me further details of John Moffat's family.  Michael has asked if anybody can substantiate either the details he has provided or the family tree above.

If you can help to answer this question, please e-mail me.  Thank you.  - Peter Stubbs

The main differences between the two sources of information are:

-  The family tree traces John Moffat's ancestors through his father's line and the notes supplied by Michael Avery trace them through his mother's line.

-   The two sources show some differences in John Moffat's siblings.

Please see below for further details, including years of birth:


to John Moffat 1819


Family Tree above


Michael Avery's list

Gt. gt. grandfather


John Glasgow

Thrice Provost of Irvine between 1752 and 1764

Gt. grandparents

Francis Moffat 1730


John Rankine

Isabel Glasgow


James Moffat 1752

Mary Henderson 1751

John Rankine 1761 (eldest of 10 children)

Anne Caldwell 1784


Francis Moffat 1782

Elisabeth Rankin

Francis Moffat

Elisabeth Rankine 1784 (eldest of 10 children)

Brothers / Sisters

Isabella 1808

Elizabeth 1821

Robert 1825

Mary Ann 1827

Isabell 1808

James 1809

Francis 1813

Elizabeth 1821

Robert 1825



Moffat & Knott

If you can answer the questions below or provide any more details, please email me.   Thank you.

Question 1

"My great grandfather was Alfred Moffat who later became a musician and was married to Elise von Wessel, they had a daughter Alice who married Max Montesole and they had two daughters, Brenda (my mother) and Erica Margaret (Peggy) (see the family tree). 

I am trying to establish what Moffats there are now who are related to us, also the connection with Sophia Pelham as my brother has Pelham in his names and also my son.  I understood that one of the Moffats or Knotts eloped with a Sophia Pelham in the late 1700s (he was a music master to the Duke of Newcastle's daughter, Sophia).  I would be interested to know if you have any information.

[Tricia Rawlingson Plant, Somerset, England:  November 2004]

Question 1


"I saw your request for info about the Pelham & Knott connection. My distant cousin Don has recently emailed me info about our distant Knott cousins, including the line from John Knott and Sophia Pelham.

Their son Pelham Knott married Helen McIntyre McOmish, daughter of Patrick McComish and Margaret Elizabeth Graham Arrott (the last being our relative).

[Malcolm Walker-Kinnear:  February 2005]

Question 1

Further Comment

"Pelham Knott, son of John Knott and Sofia Pelham, was born in Edinburgh 27 Oct. 1818.

Pelham Knott married Helen McIntyre McOmish in Penicuik, Midlothian, 2 Aug. 1848.  They had seven sons and a daughter.  Their sixth child was the eminent physicist Cargill Gilston Knott.

Pelham Knott died 1864."

[Don - a member of the Knott family who has been researching the Knott family history  February 2005]

Question 2

"We have lived in the west country since I was a child and I was educated there.  My mother (who's mother was Alice Moffat) lived in London previously & now in her 90s lives also in Somerset.

Alfred Moffat (my great grandfather who I remember well at his piano) lived with his wife in London, Elgin Avenue, for many years until his death.

Alice predeceased him and her mother Elise who my mother is named after.  

Grandma was German and was brought by Alfred as a young bride to Edinburgh before the first world war.  Alfred (Grandpa) insisted always on speaking German to her and having porridge every day for breakfast"

[Tricia Rawlingson Plant, Somerset, England:  November 2004]