Eric Gold


Thank you to Eric Gold, formerly of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh and now living in the East End of London for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Merchant Seaman

Eric has provided this photograph of himself while training as a merchant seaman  in 1964 on TS Vindicatrix at Sharpness.  Eric tells me that he trained there because it was cheaper than the local training available on TS Dolphin at Leith Docks, Edinburgh.

Eric Gold training to become a merchant seamon on TS Vindicatrix at Sharpness in 1964
Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eric Gold                                                                        1964 photo:  phtographer  John Agate.

This photograph was taken by John Agate.  Eric Gold tells me that John Agate died a few years ago -  i.e. early 2000s.  If you know of how to contact John's family to discuss the copyright of this photo, please e-mail me

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs:  June 3, 2007