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May to  August 2019


13 Aug 2019

Canaan Lodge   Recollections 25, Susan + Michael Tant

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12 Aug 2019

Sighthill PoW Camp   Recollections 15

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   Sculptures in the Royal Botanic Garden  -  1961

1 Aug 2019

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh  Sculptures, 1961

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   Hibernian Football Club  -  Fixture Card, 1921-22             Hibernian Football Club  -  Fixture Card, 1921-22

1 Aug 2019

Hibernian FC   Fixture Card, 1921-22

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31 Jul 2019

Broughton Place Church Outing   Recollections 11

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27 May 2019

Index  to More Pages  This page expanded and more links added

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27 May 2019

Links shown in the top and bottom borders changes made


The Google Analytics result tell me that:

(a)  people view the EdinPhoto web site using:

-  desktop PCs (56%)

-  tablets (13%)

-  mobile phones (31%).


(b)   viewers using mobile phones may have problems:

-  The Edinphoto site does not re-size displays for them to match the size of the screen they are viewing on.  

I think I've now resolved that, so I hope the results look better now.

-  Some of the text is too small to read and some clickable elements are too close together.  this comment may be particularly relevant for the links that appear at the top and bottom of each page on the site. 

So I've now reduced the number of links at the top and bottom of each of the 25,000+ pages, and have displayed these links in larger type face.

The links that I've removed from the top and bottom of each page (and also many more links) can now be found on this link

Index: More Pages


Please email me to tell me  whether or not you find the changes I have made to be an improvement.

I would also welcome any other comments you have on the ease of use of the EdinPhoto web site and the links within the site.

             Thank you.

                                  -  Peter Stubbs  27 May 2019


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26 May 2019

'Top 40 Pages' on EdinPhoto  Note added near end page


This note advises viewers that I do not plan to add further monthly updates showing the 'Top 40' most viewed pages to the EdinPhoto web site each month.

I've now been collecting these stats for almost 20 years, but it can sometimes take me about 6 hours to compile the monthly stats and publish them on the  site.

I think there are probably more useful ways that I could spend my time, such as trying to catch up on my backlog of emails to be answered, or possibly adding a few other items to the web site.

I'm sorry that I'll not be able to add another 'Top 40' page to the site each month.  However, I may add some statse from time to time, particularly if I discover anything of particular interest when I browse through my Google Analytics results.


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12 May 2019

Note concerning my use of Cookies added to ail pages


Even though the EdinPhoto web site is my personal non-commercial site, recent legislation requires me to advise viewers that the site uses cookies.

The cookies that I use do not involve any sales or adverts, and do not give me any personal data  They are the result of two statistical packages that I use - Matrixstats and Google Analytics.

The type of information that I receive is:

-  number of visits to the web site.

-  Lengths of visits.

-  Pages viewed.

-  Device used for visit  -  PC, tablet, mobile phone.

By receiving this information, I hope to be in a better position to understand which parts of the site people find most interesting and so decide what to concentrate on in the future.

I have included a 'YES'/'NO' question for people to respond to, depending on whether or not they are happy to accept my use of cookies.  Ideally I would like the 'YES'/'NO' question to appear as a 'pop-up message that would just be seen once by a viewer, then not appear again after the viewer has answered the question.  However, I have not yet found a way to make the message disappear for a viewer after they have answered the question.

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