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Best wishes for Christmas
 and the New Year

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 21, 2013


Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, West Bank, British Columbia, Canada

"A Merry Xmas and a happy New Year to all of you.  This is a fantastic site.  It brings back many many memories, especially to all of us who live in different countries.   Keep this up

From an old Chinatown and Leith expat Tam."

Message in EdinPhoto guestbook: Dec. 9, 2013.


Meg Reilly

London, England

Reply to Tam McCluskey

"It's so good to see you again on the site. I really miss the comments from you and the Daves, here, but I know you had a lot of unhappiness over the year.  I'm glad it's picking up.

A merry xmas to you and your family and I hope you have lots of happiness this new year, 2014."

Message in EdinPhoto guestbook: Dec. 11, 2013.


Dave McKinlay

New Zealand

Reply to Tam McCluskey + Meg Reilly

"Best wishes to you Tam and also to you too Meg, from a very warm NZ."

Message in EdinPhoto guestbook: Dec. 11, 2013.



Norfolk Island
South Pacific

"With Best wishes for a Happy Christmas"

Message received by email:  Dec. 21, 2013


Nan Scott
née Hay)

Pakenham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"Thank you, Peter, for the good job you continually do keeping this site up to date, and to all the Scots around the world who subscribe to it, may I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New year. I hope 2014 will be good one.

For those of you living in cold countries

              -  'Stay warm',

and for those in hot countries,

              -  'Stay cool'!

Take care.  Bye for now."

Message in EdinPhoto guestbook: Dec 23, 2013.


June Wood
(née Robertson)

Arroyo Grande, Central Coast, California, USA

"Happy New Year to everyone on Peter's site.

All the best to you and yours, Peter.

Thanks for another great year."

Message received by email:  Dec. 29, 2013


The Weather

I've been receiving emails from around the world.  Many of the senders used to live in Edinburgh, but are now experiencing quite different conditions. 

Messages 7 and 8 below make interesting responses to 5 above.


Tim Miller
Eagle, Alaska, USA

"Indeed, it is cold here.  Early in the week we had a low of -54 degrees, but overall the winter has been slightly warmer than usual.

Message received by email:  Jan 4, 2014


Thomas Smith
Adelaide, South Australia

"I hope you have a good 2014.  We are really feeling the heat here in Adelaide, South Australia:  46 degrees all week!

Message received by email:  Jan 15, 2014


Tim Miller
Eagle, Alaska, USA

Thank you to Tim Miller for writing again, this time sending the photo below of the Aurora above his cabin in Alaska (below).

Message received by email:  Jan 26, 2014

Tim Miller's cabin, Eagle Alaska

Tim Miller's Cabin, Eagle, Alaska, USA

© Tim Miller, Eagle, Alaska, USA


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Changes at December 2013

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Greetings messages have occasionally been posted in te EdinPhoto guestbook, especially around Christmas time.

Now that the guestbook has been closed to new postings, I've created this page to hold any greetings messages that people send to me by email to be added to the EdinPhoto the web site."

Web Site Messages

Thank you also to several people who left greetings messages and appreciative comments as part of the message they sent in response to my two recent questions:

Should I re-design the web site? and

Should the guestbook be closed to new messages?"

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 14, 2013