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John Annan


John Annan was born in Ceres, Fife and was aged 56 in 1881, so must have been born in 1824 or 1825.   [Census:1881]

His parents were:

- Father:  John Annan - flax spinner

- Mother:  Agnes Annan  (née Bell)

[John Annan's Death Certificate]

John Annan was the lesser known of the two brothers, John and Thomas.  Both were based at Rock House from 1869.  Rock House had previously been the home of DO Hill.


John Annan died, single,  in Edinburgh, aged 76, on 23 August 1900, so must have been born in 1823 or 1824  [John Annan's Death Certificate].   So, if the ages above are accurate, he must have been born in 1824.

He was an EPS member and lecturer.  He continued as a professional landscape and portrait photographer until 1890.



Rock House, Calton Stairs


1 Hanover Street


75 Princes Street


54 Cockburn Street


79 George Street


3 Bristo Place 



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