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John C Bambrick



John C Bambrick moved his studio four times between starting his  business at the popular site of 1 Hanover Street at the junction with Princes Street, in 1914 and finishing about half a mile to the West at Shandwick Place twenty years later.

I have post cards from Bambrick.  Does anybody know who now owns the copyright?



Bambrick's name appeared with several different spellings in the trade directories: 

-  John C Bainbrick in directories for 1914-17

-  John C Baimbrick in directories for 1918-21

-  John C Baymbrick in some directories for 1922-25

-  John C Bambrick in all other directories to 1935.





I have post cards from John C Bambrick.  Does anybody know who now owns the copyright on his photos?


Thank you to Jean Bambrick who replied.

"I believe that John C Bambrick was a brother of my late husband's father, William Bambrick, who lived at Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh.

The family used to speak about uncle Johnnie who took lots of family pictures, weddings etc, as well as views.

I don't know who the copyright belongs to.

I would love to hear more."

If you know anything more about John C Bambrick, please e-mail me, then I'll pass on the details to Jean Bambrick.

Thank you.

 -  Peter Stubbs:  August 9, 2007

Postcard Portrait

Anneke's Grandmother

Thank you to Anneke Dubash for sending me this postcard portrait of her grandmother.  Note the blind stamp with James C Bambrick's name and studio address down the lower left side of this postcard:

'John C Bambrick,  1 Hanover Street, Edinburgh'

Postcard Portrait of Anneke's Grandmother  -  From the studio of John Bambrick

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Anneke Dubash:  February 19, 2011


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