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William T Bashford


Notes from the North

In 1875, John Nicol in one of his regular articles, Notes from the North, in the British Journal of photography wrote:

"I see that many photographers do their retouching with water colours, and frequently complain that it often adheres to the surface of the paper during printing, when, of course it, along with a portion of the film, is torn away.

Let those who so suffer try oil colours.

The most judicious and successful retouching I have seen way by Mr Bashford of Portobello, and that is the material he uses.  He says it is easily applied, dries perfectly in a few hours, and may be hastened by a smart heat before the fire.  Since its adoption, he has never lost a negative by it; and likes it infinitely better than either water-colour or pencil."

[BJP: 26 February 1875;  page 101]

Professional Photographer at Portobello

The first record that I have found, in the trade directories, of WT Bashford, as a professional photographer, is in 1878 when he was based at Royton Cottage.  One of his early cartes de visite offered 'Photographs Painted in Oils'.

From this address, he offered cartes de visite finished in oils.

However, the comments in BJP above suggest that his professional photography business in Portobello probably commenced at least 3 years before the 1878 entry in the trade directories.



William T Bashford





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