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George J Brewster



George J Brewster was professional photographer in Edinburgh form 1878 to 1883.  His studio was at Howard Place, Inverlieth Row, described in some directories as Tanfield  -  about a mile to the north of Princes Street

Tanfield Hall was the location of the first General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland was held in 1843.  Many of the participants in the First General Assembly appear in the large painting of 'The Disruption' by DO Hill


Edinburgh Photographic Society

George J Brewster was a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society from 1880 or earlier.

Was he related to Sir David Brewster, the first President of the Photographic Society of Scotland.  The society met in Edinburgh from 1856, five years before Edinburgh Photographic Society was founded.


Carte de Visite

Here is a carte de visite from George J Brewster's studio.

Carte de Visite from the studio of George J Brewster, Howard Place, Edinburgh      Carte de Visite from the studio of George J Brewster, Howard Place, Edinburgh

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Scottish Genealogy Society


The photo above is from an album that has been donated to the Scottish Genealogy Society.  The inscription on the front of the album reads 'AG Fraser, Edinburgh, 1889'.

Most of the photos in the album are from studios in Edinburgh.  A few are from studios in Musselburgh, Leven, Walthamstow and Forfar & Kirriemuir.

Here are more photos from the same album.

Do you have any idea which family this album might have belonged to?  If so, please e-mail me, then I'll pass your message on to the Scottish Genealogy Society.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  January 14, 2007.


1881 Census

George Brewster was listed in the 1881 census as follows:


Age:  36

Born:  Paisley, Renfrewshire

Son of Mary B, annuitant

Resident:  9, Henderson Terrace, Edinburgh

[DR Torrance]


George J Brewster  -  studio addresses and dates


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