Robert Brown

 on donkey at Aberdour studio


Robert Brown on the donkey in his father's Aberdour Studio, Fife, Scotland

Edinburgh professional photographer, Robert Brown, on a donkey in his father's studio in Aberdour 

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas Glass great grandson of Richard Stuart Brown.

Robert (Bobbie) Brown


Douglas Glass, great grandson of Robert Stuart Brown wrote:

For a number of years Robert Stuart Brown operated a studio at Station Road, Aberdour, Fife,  where a donkey was kept as a 'prop'.  

Whether or not this was popular with customers is open to question as it was reputedly an animal of unpredictable temperament!

Douglas Glass, Craigleith, Edinburgh,  6 December 2005

In the photograph above, it is R S Brown's son, Robert Brown who is seated on the donkey in the Aberdour studio.


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