Richard Stuart Brown

1842 - 1903

EPS Member

Richard Stuart Brown was a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society from 1890 or earlier.  He had professional photographic studios in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh from 1881.

He married Alison Morison (elder daughter of John Clunie Morison) in 1864.  She died in 1882.  He died in 1903 and his business then passed to his son, Robert (Bobbie) Brown

Robert Brown

   Edinburgh Professiional Photographer, Robert Brown

Edinburgh Studios

Richard Stuart Brown's studios in Tollcross were at:


14 Brougham Street


1   Brougham Street


16 Brougham Street

Some of his cartes de visite give the name of the studio as 'Toll Cross Studio'. 

There is another Tollcross studio that appears under the name of Charles R Brown in the trade directories.  Was this, perhaps one of the businesses of his father.  Richard's father was Charles Brown, a Master Hatter.


2 Tollcross, Home Street



Richard grew up in Coopers Entry, 130 Canongate, Edinburgh, and trained as a bookbinder.   He had 3 sons and 4 daughters.  Here are his sons:

Edinburgh professional photographer, Robert Brown, and his two brothers 


Douglas Glass, great-grandson of Richard Stuart Brown writes:

"At the time of his marriage, in 1864,  Richard Stuart Brown's occupation was recorded as a photographer.   Although there is no evidence to support the theory, it is quite possible that he started in business at 3 Hanover Street. *

Richard's move to Brougham Street is well recorded, and he lived and worked in the Tollcross area for the rest of his life.

His speciality was individual and family photographs. I have a considerable number taken of his own family which has provided an invaluable record.

The business was carried on by one of his sons, Robert."

* There was a photographer named Richard Brown listed in the Edinburgh trade directories at 3 Hanover Street in 1863-64.

-  Peter Stubbs

Cabinet Print

Here is an interesting cabinet print from RS Brown's studio.  Please click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge it and to read more about it:

Cabinet Print by R S Brown  -  Soldier in a Volunteer Regiment


Aberdour Studio


For a number of years a second studio was operated at Station Road, Aberdour, Fife,  where a donkey was kept as a 'prop'.

Edinburgh professional photographer, Robert Brown, on a donkey in his father's studio in Aberdour

Whether or not this was popular with customers is open to question as it was reputedly an animal of unpredictable temperament!

Thank you to Douglas Glass, Craigleith, Edinburgh, great-grandson of Richard Stuart Brown, for providing the details in the 'Family', 'Photography' and 'Aberdour sections above: 6 Dec 2005


Richard S Brown & Family

Richard S Brown

Robert Brown


Family Tree

Family Tree + Photos

Studio Addresses

Family Photos

 Edinburgh professional photographer, Robert Brown, training

Cabinet Print

Cabinet Print by R S Brown  -  Soldier in a Volunteer Regiment

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