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Charles R Brown

Charles R Brown was based at Brown's New Photographic Rooms, 2 Tollcross,  Edinburgh from 1875.  The addresses of his studios, as given in the trade directories, were:


2 Toll Cross (Home Street)


29 Earl Grey Street

However, cartes de visite from this address bear the name Richard Brown or R Brown, rather than Charles R Brown. 

Perhaps Richard Stuart Brown owned this studio and/or worked there with Charles R Brown, or perhaps Charles R Brown preferred to be known by his middle name, which might have been Richard.




Was Charles R Brown related to Richard Stuart Brown?



Thank you to Douglas Glass, Douglas Glass, Edinburgh , great-grandson of Richard S Brown for telling me:

 "Charles R Brown is not the father of Richard Stuart Brown, nor the son, nor the brother."




Who was T H Douglas?

Richard Stuart Brown  -  Back of Carte de Visite  -  Studio at 2 Tollcross 

The name of T H Douglas was also printed on the back of cartes de visite from Brown's New Photographic Rooms, 2 Tollcross.  In all the cartes de visite that I have seen (as above), the name T H Douglas has been scored out, with no other name added in its place.

TH Douglas ran a photographic business under his own name from  1868 to 1870.



Richard S Brown & Family

Richard S Brown

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 Edinburgh professional photographer, Robert Brown, training

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Cabinet Print by R S Brown  -  Soldier in a Volunteer Regiment

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