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Alexander Durward


 Miss Eliza Durward


Alexander Durward


Alexander Durward's studio was listed in the Edinburgh & Leith trade directories in:


4a Greenside Place


4a Greenside Place


112 Leith Street

I don't know why he was not listed for the years 1922 to 1925.


Please the image below to see a portrait postcard from the studios at 41 Greenside Place.

A studio portrait postcard from Durward's studio at 4a Greenside Place, Edinburgh




Graham Stringwell

1942 Postcard

Despite his disappearance from the trade directories after 1928, Alexander Durward's business seems to have continued.

Thank you to Graham Stringwell for sending me the following message about one of his postcard portraits.  The portrait bears the name and address 'A DURWARD  112 LEITH STREET' and is dated '19 FEB 1942'.

Graham wrote:

Highland Uniform

"I have a photograph that shows my great uncle in a Scottish uniform and is dated 19 Feb 1942.

His name is Reginald Arnold Wattam, born in Grimsby, Lincs and he served with the Lincolnshire Regiment during WW2.

I think the uniform belongs to the Seaforth Highlanders, but I don't know if it is actually a uniform or one of A. Durward's period costumes.  Can anyone shed a bit of light on the matter?

I have no record of my great uncle Reg serving with a Scottish Regiment at present.

Any information would be appreciated."

Graham Stringwell.  3 November 2005

Reply to Graham

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this postcard as it will still be under copyright.

If you feel can answer the question raised above, or if you have any more information about this photographer, please e-mail me and I will forward your reply to Graham Stringwell.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 2005



Hilary Chasin

Thank you to Hilary Chasin who wrote:

1945 Photo

"I'm doing some research on my Father's time in the military.  I too have a photograph of him an American uniform. The photo is dated July 1945 and it is stamped


The address then fades off, and I cannot find the location.  I don't believe that my father was in Europe at that time, but I'm not 100% certain.

Can anybody provide any additional information?"

Hilary Chasin:  July 1, 2013

Hi Hilary:'

The Photographer's Address

You mention that the address on your photo 'fades off'.  However, I don't think you've missed very much.  The address that you give,


is a well known street near the centre of Edinburgh, close to the East End of Princes Street

Reply to Hilary?

If you'd like to send a reply to Hillary, please email me, then I'll pass on her email address to you.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 2005


Miss Eliza Durward

Miss Eliza Durward was a professional photographer also based at 4a Greenside Place from 1915 to 1921.

What relation was she to Alexander Durward?


Durward Descendants

Thank you to descendants of Robert J Durward for leaving the following messages in the EdinPhoto GuestBook:

Message  -  4 Sep 2002

No name given

"I was interested find this site through a search for the name 'Durward'.  One of my Ancestors married a 'Robert J Durward' = Amy Perry.

Her Uncle, Aunt and Cousin (Milner) were Photographers in the London area. The only 'Robert Durward' I could find was from Scotland."


Message  -  3 January 2006

from Ian James Durward Smith, Chicago, USA

Robert James Durward

"I was searching for my grandfather Robert J. Durward in Google and discovered an entry from someone who was doing some searching of their own as noted in your guestbook 4 Sept. 2002.

Robert James Durward was killed in WW1 on 18 March 1918. Yes he was married to my grandmother, Amy Perry.  They had two daughters and I am the son of the youngest, Isabel."

London Photographers

"My Aunt Amy (Perry) Milner was related to Robert by marriage.  She was a professional photographer and had a business address on Ballards Lane,  North Finchley, London in the 40's, 50's and 60's.  She died in the 80's, I think. 

Amy was not Robert James Durward's wife, he was married to another Amy Perry.  Very confusing!

I believe Amy's father also had the studio before her. She took all Mrs. Thatcher's publicity photos when she ran for parliament for the Finchley constituency."


I received a message on December 24, 2007 from Olivia Davies .  Olivia wrote:

"I have just dusted my mum and dad's wedding photo - taken and signed by Amy Milner and had a sudden urge to look her up on the internet and lo and behold found some links to her.

My parents lived in North Finchley and were married in Whetstone circa  mid-forties.  We have some beautiful photos of their wedding taken by Amy and I just thought that her relatives might like to know!


Family History

"I am most anxious to find any Durwards who may be related to me.  Perhaps something or somebody will show up soon.

Robert J Durward was born in Aberdeen and had two sisters.  That I do know, but not much else."

If you wish to respond to Ian's Family History request above, please e-mail me so that I can pass on your message to him.   Thank you.

-  Peter Stubbs