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John Donaldson Edward

Shop or Studio   -  Early 1900s

63 Princes Street


13 Bank Street - where John Donaldson Edward's studio  -  1899 to 1911

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Marjory Hatch.

63 Princes Street

The Photograph

The photograph above comes from an album kept by Marjory, daughter of John Donaldson Edward.

Marjory Hurst, great-granddaughter of John Donaldson Edward, tells me that John Donaldson Edward had a shop or studio at 63 Princes Street, possibly in the name of his wife, Elizabeth.

The Shop or Studio

In the photograph above, Princes Street appears to have been decorated for one of the Royal Visits in the early 1900s.

I have found references in the Edinburgh trade directories to many photographers having been based at 63 Princes Street between 1855 and 1910, but I have not yet found any entries for John D Edward or his wife.


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