John Donaldson Edward


Photographic Studios in Edinburgh

John Donaldson Edward exhibited one photograph in Edinburgh Photographic Society's Open Exhibition Exhibition in 1890.

He also had studios in Edinburgh from 1885 until 1911.

13 Bank Street

   13 Bank Street - where John Donaldson Edward's studio  -  1899 to 1911

63 Princes Street

63 Princes Street - where John Donaldson Edward had a shop or studio in the early 1900s

Family Photos

John Donaldson Edward's daughter, Marjory, kept an album of photos.  Here are a couple of photos of John and Marjory:

John Donaldson Edward and his daughter, Marjory  -  Later Photo        John Donaldson Edward and his daughter, Marjory  -  Earlier Photo "


Marjory's Advice on Toning

It was interesting to see the postcard below, sent by a friend to Marjory Edward at 13 Bank Street, the address of her father's studio, in 1904. 

The card thanked Marjory for giving advice on toning photographs, and showing the result of following Marjory's instructions.

Postcard from a friend sent to Marjory Edward, daughter of John Donaldson Edward      Postcard from a friend sent to Marjory Edward, daughter of John Donaldson Edward


John D Edward was awarded a Trophy in Edinburgh, for being a 'Pioneer in Photography'.

John 's son,  Edward (?) in New Zealand  wrote a letter to his sister, Marjory, in Edmonton, Canada on 6 April 1949, setting out who in the family he suggested should be given custody of the trophy  He said: '

"As Dad attached a great importance to this trophy and was extremely proud of it, I would not like it to go out of the family ... ..."

[Dad]  in truth was a truly great Man in his own day and generation, and was recognised as one of the Pioneers in Photography in Scotland."


Announcement of Death

An announcement of John D Edward's death appeared in the British Journal of Photography on 3 May 1930.  The announcement read:

The Late Mr John D Edward

"Mr John D Edward, who formerly practiced as a photographer in Edinburgh, died in Auckland, New Zealand on 3rd March.  He was in his 74th year.

Mr Edward who occupied a studio in Bank Street, Edinburgh, was one of the first in the city to undertake the finishing of amateurs' work."

BJP, 3 May 1930, p.299


With acknowledgement to Marjory Hatch, great grand-daughter of John Donaldson Edwards  for providing most of the details above, together with a copy of the letter relating to John's trophy, and a number of photographs.


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