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John Donaldson Edward

Edinburgh Studios

First Studio in Edinburgh

John D Edward had photographic studios in Edinburgh for about twenty-five years. His first studio was in the New Town, about half a mile to the north of Princes Street, in the same street as Edinburgh Photographic Society's premises today, 2005

John Donaldson Edward's studio


43 Great King Street


Second Studio in Edinburgh

His second studio was in Bank Street - at the top of the Mound, close to the Bank of Scotland's Head Office.

13 Bank Street

   13 Bank Street - where John Donaldson Edward's studio  -  1899 to 1911

John Donaldson Edward's studio


13 Bank Street

John D Edward continued to be listed in various trade directories as a photographer at this address in 1912, 1913 and 1918, but these entries are incorrect.  He should have been removed from the directory listing when DH Munro took over the premises at 13 Bank Street in  1911.

Princes Street Shop or Studio

Marjory Hatch, great grand-daughter of John Donaldson Edwards, tells me that John D Edward had a shop or studio at 63 Princes Street, and that in the 1891 census, his wife Elizabeth was listed as the photographer.  Marjory adds:

"Perhaps this was because she and John D. were not legally married.  John's first wife, Jane Wilson, died in 1882."

Marjory has sent the  photograph below of 63 Princes Street, which appears to have been decorated for one of the Royal Visits to Edinburgh in the early 1900s.

63 Princes Street

   63 Princes Street - where John Donaldson Edward had a shop or studio in the early 1900s

The trade directories list several photographers at 63 Princes Street  between 1855 and 1910, but I have not yet found any reference in the trade directories to John D Edward or his wife at this address.

NOTE:  Do not confuse with the entry Edward, James in an 1918 trade directory. 

He is not really an Edward.  The directory entry should read: -  Greenfield, Edward James


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