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19th Century

Hill & Adamson's work was highly praised in the Press when it was exhibited in the 1850s.  But by the time of Hill's death in 1870, his photography was almost forgotten, and was barely mentioned in his obituaries.

Interest was revived around 1900 when Francis Caird Inglis and James Craig Annan made prints from their work.     [HA:EVA]. 

20th Century

In recent decades, the significance of Hill & Adamson's work has become more widely appreciated.

The Scottish National Photography Collection was established in 1984 from the photographs in the possession of the National Galleries of Scotland, including over 5,000 calotypes by Hill & Adamson.

In 1981, Sara Stevenson, on behalf of the National Galleries of Scotland,  produced a book giving a comprehensive account of the National Gallery of Scotland's collection of Hill & Adamson calotypes.

In 1991, Sara Stevenson and Alison Morrison Low, together, wrote Scottish Photography - A Bibliography 1939-1989.  This book lists about 4o catalogues and books on this partnership.

21st Century

Now, at the start of the 21st century, research into Hill & Adamson continues wit added enthusiasm brought on by the preparations to commemorate the bi-centenary of Hill's birth in 2002.

Sara Stevenson, Alison Morrison Low and several other prominent speakers will be giving lectures at the DO Hill Bi-Centenary Conference to be hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in May 2002.  Please click here to find the link to the web site with more details of this Conference 


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