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Michael Sankey


Thank you to Michael Sankey, Australia, who wrote:

Paper Negatives

"I worked for Jerome’s Studios, Broad Street, Reading from 1965-1967.

You might be interested to know that the company used, from early times, paper-based card negative and not film, manufactured when I was there by Ilford."


"Reading was also, for many years, the company’s photographic copying centre. All photographic printing was by reflection imaging."


"The photographer employed there, for many years, was an ’East Ender’ whose parents immigrated to England around 1880 from Lithuania.  His name was Sam Shapiro.

He completed his apprenticeship in photography, funded by the Rothschild foundation, during the Great War and was eighteen when that war ended."

Other Workers

"Also at the Reading Branch were:

-   Retoucher, Albert Cope - always 'Mr Cope'.

-  Copy Reprographer, ex-Army Catering Corps man by the name of Jack Allen.

-  Manageress, Dorothy Dyer, known to the senior staff as Dolly Dyer

-   a sales girl named Shirley

Sam Shapiro, Jack Allen and Albert Cope had all worked for the company in Holloway Road, London for many years.  Sam and Jack were then re-housed to Slough, Buckinghamshire.  Albert  lived at Enfield, Middlesex."

Michael Sankey, Australia:  September 13+19, 2009




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