Louis Saul Langfier

Family Tree

Below are the parts of the family tree that I have been able to piece together so far.

Louis Saul Langfier and Adolph Langfier were brothers.  Louis Saul married twice.  His son from his first marriage was also named Adolph.



Louis Saul Langfier (1st marriage) = Ellen

NOTE:  Since compiling this family tree, I have been told by Joan Hall (née Ireland) that this marriage was NOT between Louis Saul Langfier and Ellen, BUT between a different photographer, Louis Langfier and Ellen Ireland.  ***

Adolph Langfier

Louis Saul Langfier ©


Adolph Langfier = Bessie


Adolph Langfier  -  1931 © 

  Bessie Langfier  -  1930 ©     



   Cecelia Langfier  -  c.1919 ©

               Sybil Langfier   -  1931 ©



Louis Saul Langfier (2nd marriage) = Pearl

Emily Langfier = ? Rive


Eric Samuel Langfier

Iris = (1st marriage) _ Bauman

Eric Samuel Langfier  -  c.1919 ©


Francis Rive

Leonard Bauman


Iris = (2nd marriage) Barney Oransky


Karen Alcorn






***  Marcel Safier added:

"I agree with the note at the top of this family tree.  Photographer Louis Langfier was born c. 1861 in Russia. He married Ellen Ireland and had a son Adolph.  He is listed as:

a traveller in Cathcart, Renfrewshire, in the 1891 Scottish census

a photographer, Hornsey, Middlesex in the 1901 census

His son, Adolph, was only 13 in 1901, so the one with the London studio would definitely be the brother of Louis Saul Langfier.   He died 1916

LANGFIER  Louis of 16 Brooke-street, Bond-street, Middlesex died 10 April 1916 at Northumberland House, Green Lanes, Finsbury Park.  Probate London 2 May to Ellen Langfier widow.  Effects £1,178 4s 11d.

The other photographer Louis Saul Langfier was born c.1869 in Poland and married Pearl Lichtheim in 1903 and he had a brother Adolph as you state. He also worked in South Africa but I don't know when."

Marcel Safier, Holland Park, Queensland, Australia:  January 8, 2011

Corrections and Additions

Please see Update 1 below for further details
 of and corrections to this family tree.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 16, 2014


Langfier Family

Later Generations

It's always good to hear from members of the families of early Edinburgh photographers.

Doreen (Langfier) Brady, lower left on the family tree above, now lives in Leonardo, New Jersey, USA. 

Doreen tells me:

"Recently, my 14-year old grandson was taking a photography class at his high school, and the class looked at the the EdinPhoto web site and his  great-great-grandfather's name came up, along with other well- known Edinburgh photographers.

Doreen has three children:

-  John Eric Kienemund

 -  Doreen M. Brady

-  Caryn E. French

She has six grandchildren:

-  John Brady

-  Christopher M. French

-  Matthew J. French

-  Michael E. Kienemund

-  Ryan P. Kienemund

-  Samantha I. Kienemund

All of the children and grandchildren reside in the New York/New Jersey area.

Doreen (Langfier) Brady, Leonardo, New Jersey, USA:  February 6, 2007


Langfier Family


Family History

I have received the following question:

"I'm Maria I Bauman, ex- wife of Leonard Bauman, son of Iris Langfier.  He passed on September 30th of 2004. 

He had three sons, Richard Bauman, Leslie Bauman (deceased) and Kenneth Bauman.  Ms Iris Langfier, married Barney Oransky, she had daughter Karen Alcorn from that marriage.

I would like more information on Langfier family if possible."

If you have any information on the Langfier family, or would like to contact Maria Bauman above, please email me so that I can forward your message to her.   Thank you.




Anne-Marie Bianchi

Nice, France

The Langfier Family

Thank you to Anne-Marie Bianchi, great grand daughter of Adolph Langfier and his wife Bessie for sending me more information about the family of Louis Saul and Adolph Langfier and their family, including connections with Berlin, Nice, London and New Jersey.

Unfortunately, it is not practical to add it all all that Anne-Marie has sent me to the EdinPhoto web site, as it would take up a disproportionate amount of time and space to do so, and would not be strictly relevant to the main subject of the EdinPhoto web site: Edinburgh.

However, as Anne-Marie has suggested 3 specific corrections/ additions to the Family Tree at the top of this page.  So, I've listed these below.  They are:

Langfier Family Tree

1.  Adolf and Bessie Langfier had 4 daughters: Emily, Lola, Sybil, and Cecilia.

2.  Adolf Langfier is the grand-father of Kenneth Rive, not his uncle.

3.  Bessie Langfier is Louis Saul Langfier's sister-in-law, not his daughter-in-law.

Anne-Marie Bianchi, Nice, France:  February 15, 2014




Family Tree


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