Louis Saul Langfier


Below is a photograph of a sketch by Louis Saul Langfier.  The sketch was entitled "A Hielan' Chieftain"

Louis Saul Langfier's brother, Adolph, sent this photograph to Eric Langfier in 1953 with a letter that began:

Dear Eric,

"This is a reproduction of a picture your father did for a Boer War Charity Souvenir.

"I thought you might like to have it to show he was as good an artist as he was a photographer."

"A Hielan' Chieftain"

A sketch by Louis Saul Langfier  -  "A Hielan' Chieftain"

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Karen Alcorn, grand-daughter of Louis Saul Langfier




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