Morrison's Postcards

The Carbray Family

Postcard from Morriso's Studio  -  A family group  -  Postcard No 2691

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Maureen McIntyre

A Postcard from Morrison's Studio in Portobello

The Family

Thank you to Steven Mackie of Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland, for sending me this photograph of his Grandmother's family.  Their family name was Carbray and they stayed in Summerlee in Larkhall, Lanarkshire. 

Many early photographs turn up with no identification of the sitters.  So it is good to see photos like this one that have survived in the family and are appreciated.

The Number on the Postcard

This card has a low number (2691) written in pencil on the back, indicating that it was probably produced in the early years of Morrison's business  -  perhaps in 1912 or 1913 when Morrison's had a studio in Portobello, before they opened their Edinburgh studio.

In fact, over two or three decades, Morrison's produced a total of over 70,000 postcards.

It was common practice for photographers to write numbers on the backs of their photos in pencil,  to make it easy for customers (and for themselves) if orders were placed for further copies at a later date.  All they would then need to do is find the negatives with the same numbers as the photos requested.


The Carbray Family  -  Update

Thank you to Katherine Fraser Bailey who wrote:

My Family

   Postcard from Morrison's Studio  -  A family group  -  Postcard No 2691

"The family in this photo is also my family.

-  The woman seated and holding baby is Catherine Fraser.  She married Edward Carbray, seated on the chair arm.

-   Christine Fraser is seated on the right.

-  Behind the baby, is Annie Lemon Carbray who married William Ramsey Aitken.  She is daughter of Cath & Edward and is mother of baby.

-   Robert Fraser Carbray, brother, is at rear between Cath & Edward."

Katherine added:

"I previously sent you these postcards, for Bath Street, of:

-  Catherine and Christina:  Christina Fraser and Catherine Fraser Carbray

- Catherine and her children:  Catherine Fraser Carbray and her kids "

Katherine Fraser Bailey, Kamsack, Saskatchewan Canada:  December 3, 2008


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