Morrison's Postcards


Photograph of a boy in sailor's suit, taken around 1914-15, probably by Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland



Boy in Sailor's Outfit

Thank you to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland for sending me this photo.

Phil sent the photo in response to a question about a photo of a young boy in a sailor suit outfit taken at Burlington's Studio.

Phil wrote:

"Here's a photo of my grand-uncle David wearing a sailor suit taken, I think, by Morrison's.  He was born in 1911, and looks about 3 or 4 in this photo, so I guess it must have been taken about 1915."

Phil added:

"I think it's a charming photo. I like the way he's got his hand on his hip, just like real Generals and Admirals!"

Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland, January 31, 2008.


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