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-  Alex A Ritchie

-  Alex Handyside Ritchie

-  Hugh H Ritchie


Hugh H Ritchie

Professional Photographer

Hugh H Ritchie was born in Edinburgh in 1822 or 1823.  The trade directories describe him as:

-  1842-49      Engraver, Lithographer, Printer

-  1850-52:      [not in trade directories]

-  1853-55:     Engraver

-  1856-70:     Engraver & Photographer

-  1871-94:     Engraver

1861 Census

His studio was based at 116 Princes Street from 1861 to1867. 

In 1861, Hugh H Ritchie  [age 38, b. Edinburgh] was living at his studio address,116 Princes Street, with:

- Janet Ritchie [widowed mother, age 56, born Berwickshire]

-  Janet  [ unmarried sister, age 35]

-  Margaret  [unmarried sister, age 25]

-  servant.

[1861 Census]


Hugh H Ritchie became a PSS member in 1857 and EPS member 1865.

3rd PSS Exhibition, Dec 1858

Hugh H Ritchie exhibited 4 portraits and 3 stereographs at the 1858 PSS Exhibition.


Alex A Ritchie

Alex A Ritchie lived for several years at the same address as Hugh H Ritchie.  He was: 

-  1842-46:    Artist

-  1847-59:   Lithographic Engraver & Printer.


Alex Handyside Ritchie

Alex Handyside Ritchie (RSA from 1861) was:

1843-63:  Sculptor.


William Ritchie

William Ritchie became a PSS member in 1857 and EPS member in 1865.  He exhibited 7 photographs to the 1858 PSS Exhibition.


William Ritchie & Sons Ltd

William Ritchie & Sons Ltd were Wholesale Stationers and Printers from 1892.  At various dated from 1892 until 1958, W Ritchie & Sons Ltd were also:

 -  Fancy Goods Importers

 -  Publishers of picture post-cards and Christmas Cards

 -  Specialists in Leather Goods

From 1907 to 1918, the company was also listed as Photographers.


Were William Ritchie & Sons Ltd really photographers, or was the description in the trade directories  merely a reference to their photo-publishing business?