Ronaldi's Studios


Ronaldi's American Studios

Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Glasgow

Ronaldi's Studios [or Ronaldi's American Studios] were based at 79 George Street from 1912 until 1921.  The advert on the back of Ronaldi's cabinet prints also refer to studios at:

-  Schoolhill, Aberdeen

-  56 Jamaica Street, Glasgow

I also have a postcard portrait from Ronaldi's American Studios.  It has the addresses 'Dundee and Edinburgh'.

The Edinburgh studios moved, in1922,  to 14 Stafford Street.

Ronaldi's studio also produced portraits on post cards.

From 1908 until 1919, the company also had American Studios at 39 South Bridge.  This was the address of many photographic studios for about sixty years from 1858.

Post Cards

On their postcards the address given was either:

-  Ronaldi's American Studios - 79 George Street or

-  Ronaldi's American Studios - Edinburgh & Dundee

Cabinet Prints

Here is a cabinet print from Ronaldi's studio.  Cabinet Prints were very popular from around the late 1860s until 1900.  This is a very late example of a Cabinet Print.

The photo was taken in 1913.

 Cabinet Print from Ronaldi's Studios  -   David and Jemima Young and family 


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