R Ramsay Russell

R Ramsay Russell was a professional photographer in Edinburgh, 1889-96, who exhibited three photographs in the 1890 EPS Exhibition. 

Here is a description of his studio at Haymarket Terrace in 1893:

Mr R Ramsay Russell

Artist and Photographer

26, Haymarket Terrace

"Mr R Ramsay Russell furnishes us with a good example of the modern artist photographer. 

Before coming to 26, Haymarket Terrace, early in 1893, he occupied a studio at 9 Morningside Road, for four years and was for many years previous to that in Princes Street for portrait and figure painting   [Who was he working for then?]

He still carries on the branch of the profession at 26 Haymarket Terrace, but combined it with the various branches of photographic work, which he has very successfully taken up.

Ar 26 Haymarket Terrace, the studio, dressing-rooms and work-rooms are all on one floor, which is a convenience to both artist and sitter alike, especially to the ladies waiting to be photographed in evening dress.

The address is also much more central than that previously occupied.

Mr Ramsay Russell shows some very good examples of his work in the reception room which is provided.  The studio is commodious and comfortable, well furnished and fitted with all modern appliances

Every kind of photo portraiture is undertaken, including cartes, cabinets, panels, special size portraits, carbon enlargements, porcelain portraits, platinotypes, and all the latest improves styles.

Mr Ramsay Russell also does portraits in oils, water colours or pastels,  with or without the aid of photography, and guarantees in every case a faithful likeness and highly artistic picture.

He undertakes to produce satisfactory and high class pictures in any medium from any photo, however faded."

Edinburgh Illustrated:  Published probably c.1900, Robertson, Son & Pike, Brighton & London

Cabinet Print

Here is a cabinet print by R Ramsay Russell, taken when he was based at  9 Morningside Road (1889-92)

Please click on the image below to enlarge it:

Cabinet print of a kilted gentleman from the studio of R Ramsay Russell 


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