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For most of its life, the Thomson Brother business was run by Norman Thomson.  Norman Thomson had previously been apprenticed to Ovinius Davis in Princes Street.   [Des:WL]

Norman Thomson

Norman Thomson  -  Professional photographer

  Reproduced by courtesy of William Laing, Perth

In the later years, Norman Thomson ran the business alone.

It is possible that his brother was associated with the business only up to the outbreak of the First World War.      [William Laing]


Who was the other Thomson Brother?


Thank you to Stuart Dalgleish for sending me a postcard.  The names of both Norman and John Thomson have been added to the back of this postcard with a rubber stamp.

So it appears that the other brother was probably John Thomson.


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Thomson Brothers Postcard  -  Soldier and Lady          Back of a Thomson Brothers Postcard  -  Soldier and Lady


Thomson Brothers Postcard  -  Soldier and Lady  -  zoom-in to see the insignia



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