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John Ogden Young

Entry in 1890 EPS Exhibition

JO Young sent his entry to the 1890 EPS Exhibition from 131 Leith Walk.  This suggests that he may have been employed by John Pettigrew.

His exhibits were:

-  3 aristotype prints  "Road to Auchencairn" 
"Road near Dalbeattie"
  [one other]

-  1 platinotype print  - "Alone at Sea"

-  2 bromide prints

The following year, John Ogden Young was listed amongst a list of  photographers in The Practical Photographer, giving his address as 20 Lorne Street.  See below.


John Ogden Young


In the 1890s, Messrs Percy Lund & Co, publishers of the journal, The Practical Photographer, offered to undertake the registration of any photograph or drawing for a fee of 1/6d. 

They offered to reproduce in miniature any  photographs that they believed to be of exceptional interest and suitable for publication.   Each edition of  The Photographic Journal included a list of photographs registered during the past month.

The 1 May 1891 edition included the following.  It is not clear whether the address given was a home address or a studio address:

John Ogden Young:  20, Lorne Street, Leith, NB

1.  One Photograph entitled
"Her New Toy"

2.  One Photograph entitled
"What will ma mither say?"



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