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The Business

A H Baird was:

-  Photographic Equipment Manufacturers

-  Photographic Equipment Sales

-  Photographic Processors

He advertised his products regularly in the EPS JournalTransactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

The Magazine

A H Baird published his own monthly magazine, Photographic Chat, in the early 1900s.  He presented bound copies of editions from September 1902 to October 1904 to Edinburgh Photographic Society.

Regular features included suggested activities for each month in the leading article, Photographic Work of the Month followed by advice on different aspects of photography:

Carbon Printing

-  Celestial Photography

-  Cloudscapes

Collodion Process

Colour Photography

-  Films and Plates

-  Hints on Photographing Children

-  Katatype Process

-  Lantern Slide Making

-  Lighting the Model

-  Making Opalines

Photo Post Cards

-  Photographing Birds and Beasts

-  Photographing Yacht Racing

Photography and the Motor Car

-  Photography in Colour

Platinotype Photographs

Please click here to see some of the adverts from this journal.  There were also sometimes offers on the back page of the journal under the heading 'Clearing Lines' or 'Anything here for you?'



A H Baird Adverts
in Photographic Chat

A H Baird Adverts
in EPS Transactions

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