Poultry Farm

Clermiston lies to the west of Corstorphine Hill

About 5 miles west of the centre of Edinburgh

Buttercup Dairy Co Shop

Andrewl Ewing leaves Buttercup Dairy to go to work - around 1940
  Bill Scott, Alnwick, Northumberland, England.


Buttercup Dairy Co Shop

People's Palace Museum

Thank you to Bill Scott for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above of a replica Buttercup Dairy Co shop in the People's Palace Museum in Glasgow:

Here is a photo of Andrew Ewing returning from work to Buttercup Poultry Farm by car in the 1950s.


    Andrew Ewing returning from work to Buttercup Poultry Darm - 1950s



The Buttercup

Bill Scott is writing a book, The Buttercup,  about Buttercup Poultry Farm and some of the people who were associated with it.

If you have any information or memories that you think might be of interest to Bill, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 21, 2010

Book Published

Bill tells me that his book has now been published and will be reviewed within the next few days in The Scotsman or 'Scotland on Sunday'.

Copies are available from Leghorn Books.

A brief account of why Bill wrote the book can be found on this page on the Amazon web site.

Book and Pen

Bill Scott, author of the book 'The Buttercup' wrote in February 2013:

"If anyone is interested, there is now a special offer on the Buttercup website of a free Buttercup pen with every book purchase."

Buttercup |Dairy  -  Free Pen with every Book
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bil Scott, Alnwick, Northumberland, England

"These are beautiful pens of good quality.  They have attracted quite a bit of attention.

For further detail, please see this Buttercup Dairy web site page."

Bill Scott, Alnwick, Northumberland, England:  February 9, 2013




Stewart Scott

St Cyrus, Angus, Scotland

Thank you to Stewart Scott who wrote:

5 lb Pot

"I recently acquired this 5 lb pot.  It was in a local auction house at Inverbervie, south of Stonehaven."

Crock Pot and Lid

Buttercup Dairy Co. - 5 lb pot and lid

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stewart Scott

Crock Pot (detail)

Buttercup Dairy Co. - Markings on a 5 lb pot

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stewart Scott


Stewart added:

Buttercup Dairy Farm

"I used to play with a boy who lived on the farm in the mid-1950s when we both attended Parkgrove Primary School.

I believe that he moved to Drumbrae School when it opened."

Stewart Scott, St Cyrus, Angus, Scotland:  December 8, 2013
The photos above were added to the web site on December 16, 2013.




Bill Scott

Alnwick, Northumberland, England

I sent an email to Bill Scott to let him know about the photos of the Buttercup Dairy Co. pot that I had added to this page (above).

Bill is author of the book:

"The Buttercup:  The Remarkable Story of Andrew Ewing and the Buttercup Dairy Company".

Bill replied, referring to the pot as a 'crock pot'.  Thanks for that, Bill.  I've now added that to the captions of the photos above.

Bill added

Buttercup Dairy Farm

"I'm was intrigued that Stewart Scott played with somebody at the Buttercup farm in the mid-1950s.

It wasn't me, but it might have been my cousin, Duncan MacMillan, who was a couple of years older than me."

Bill Scott:  Alnwick, Northumberland, England:  December 16, 2013


Buttercup Poultry Farm

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