Fettes College

The Cricket Field


The Cricket Field, Fettes College

Postcard  -  Fettes College Cricket Field

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Fettes College

The Cricket Field

The View

Here is a busy scene on the cricket field at Fettes College, immediately NW of  Inverleith Park, about two miles to the north west of the centre of Edinburgh.  This is the school attended more recently by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

This scene is from the early 1900s, with the school slightly shrouded in mist behind the cricket field.  The trees are presumably a little taller now.

The Sender

This postcard was posted by Edward on 12 October 1902 to Donnybrook, Dublin, with an apology written on the front:

"I am sorry you did not get the post card sooner.  It missed the post.  I am sorry but it was not my fault."

Thank you to George Preston for providing the additional comments from Alexia A Lindsay:

"Edward could well be Edward D S Robertson (S1895-1900) whose father resided in county Wicklow in 1895."

The Photographer

Thank you to Alexia A Lindsay for the following additional comments about the post card:

"The view is probably by M Wane & Co, Edinburgh and from the 1890s as west of the cricket field is still rough ground. 

Wane seems to have done about two pictures of the College in early 1900s numbered in the 67/8 thousands.  This picture is no 48560 of the Lothian set."

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Fettes College

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