John McKean

Studio at Junction Bridge, Leith

Cabinet Print

Cabinet print of a Lady in Costume with a Fan  -   from the studio of J McKean, Juncition Bridge, Leith

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Cabinet Prints

John McKean

John McKean had a studio at or near Junction Bridge Leith, at the eastern end of Ferry Road from 1880 until 1903.  Its address was:

-  1,3 Ferry Road (1880 to 1900)

-  15 Ferry Road (1901 to 1903)

The photograph above appears to be of a lady in costume.  If so, what might the occasion have been?

This is one of several similar photos that I have seen from McKean's studio.  All have serrated edges, as above, which suggests to me that they may well be fairly late photos, perhaps from around 1900.

The back of this cabinet print is blank.

Claude Low

The only other cabinet print in my collection with a serrated edge is this one.  It comes from the studio of Claude Low.  He had a studio at 54 Cockburn Street from 1898 until 1909.

Cabinet Print by Claude Low  -  lady, window and flowers 


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