EPS Premises

38 Castle Street


Edinburgh Photographic Society Premises  -  Plan of 38 Castle Street in 1892

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38 Castle Street

The plan above, signed by Hippolyte J Blanc, of a 'dwelling house situated on the west side of North Castle Street' appeared in the March 1892 edition of Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

 It was part of a Report by the Council of EPS who had been requested by the Members to seek suitable premises for the Society.

38 Castle Street was in fact to become the Society's home for the next thirty-three years, until the move to 20 George Street  in 1925.

This was the description given of the rooms in the plan above:

First Floor


A small front room, 11.5 ft x 7.5 ft, that could be used as Lecturer's Ante-room, Committee Room and Waiting Room.

2 + 3

Drawing Room, which by the removal of a partition could be converted into a hall, 42 ft x 16 ft which would provide ample accommodation for the monthly meetings of the Society, or for the meetings of other societies to whom it could be let.

This hall could also be used as a library and reading rooms.


Kitchen measuring 12.5 ft x 11.5 ft.,


Second Floor


A Room 12.5  ft x 7.5 ft with oriel window, that could be converted into a Dark-room with good accommodation for workers.


Room 14 ft x 11.5ft that could be used as a Smoking Room.


Room 17 ft x 16 ft with two windows, that might be let to some kindred society, or to an artist as a studio.


Room 13 ft x 12.5 ft that might also be let



9 + 10

Two attic rooms, which together with the kitchen could be occupied by the caretaker, who in exchange for free house, coal and gas might be expected to undertake the charge of the premises for the Society.

The same person could, at her own risk, supply tea, coffee and other light refreshments.



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