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Souvenir Mug  -  1886

Inscription on the back of the mug  -  Souvenir of Old Edinburgh International Exhibition 1886

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ken Rebetzke, Australia

Souvenir Mug  -  1886

Picture on the front of the mug showing a scene from the Old Edinburgh Exhibit

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ken Rebetzke, Australia


International Exhibition  of Science & Art  -  1886

'Old Edinburgh'

One of the major exhibits at the 1886 Exhibition was a street scene, known as Old Edinburgh. It comprised full scale models of buildings of Edinburgh that had already been demolished.  There were also men and ladies in period costume wandering around the street.  The buildings in the street housed some of the stalls and exhibits.

Marshall Wane was the only photographer who was given permission to photograph the exhibition.  He produced a series of cabinet prints and cartes de visite of the street. 

These were later reproduced as postcards.  There were sets in black & white and sets that were colour-tinted.

Marshall Wane  -  Postcard of an exhibit in the1886 Exhibition  -  Edinburgh Old Town, Black Turnpike

The photos at the top of this page are of a souvenir mug that features one of the scenes from the Old Edinburgh exhibit.


International Exhibition 1886