Looking NW up Drum Street

Gilmerton  -  Early 1900s

Postcard by J R Russell, Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Gilmerton Village Cross Roads

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eric Nisbet, Barnton, Edinburgh, formerly Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Gilmerton  Drum Street  -  2008

Looking NW up Drum Street, Gilmerton  -  2008

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                 Photo taken:  April 3, 2008


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   Postcard by J R Russell, Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Guknertib Village Cross Roads ©


Gilmerton Village

Cross Roads

This is one of many postcards of views in and around Edinburgh by J R Russell, Edinburgh (JRRE).  This card has not been sent through the post.



Thank you to Forbes Wilson who wrote:

Postcard by J R Russell, Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Guknertib Village Cross Roads ©

"I instantly recognised the location of your two Gilmerton Village postcards. Both were taken on Drum Street looking north to the present day junction formed by Newtoft Street, Ferniehill Drive and Gilmerton Road.

The exit road on the left (with the group on the corner) is Ravenscroft Street. About 100 metres up this road is the scout hall where the 143rd scout group used to meet every Thursday evening  -  good memories.

Forbes Wilson, near Guildford, Surrey, England:  March 23, 2007

This is the other Gilmerton postcard that Forbes refers to:

Albany Series postcard  -  Gilmerton Cross Roads  -  Posted 1906 ©


The location (including the trees!) can still be recognised from the 2008 photo.  The large building on the left has become the Mechanic Arms public house.

The tall building on the right in the postcard appears to have been demolished and replaced by a low building with Royal Bank of Scotland carved in the stonework above the door.  This is still operating as a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland.




Tammy Mitchell

British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tammy Mitchell who wrote

Mechanic Arms

   Postcard by J R Russell, Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  Guknertib Village Cross Roads ©

"The building on the left, the Mechanic Arms, was run by:

 Robert Mitchell (cattle dealer/merchant and publican) and

his wife Elizabeth Weir.

I don't know who owned it at that time.  It might have been Robert and Elizabeth, but all I know so far is that they ran it."

Mitchell's Pub

"In 1821, there was a shooting outside the Pub.  At that time, it was called the Gilmerton Inn.  Later, it was 'nicknamed' Mitchell's

Elizabeth Weir Mitchell was a witness to the shooting. The transcript of her court testimony and a petition with residents'  names on it can be found in this page of my web site .

The pub was put into a Mitchell family name when given to them in a will from Christian (née Goodfellow) Jack, wife of John Jack, when she died in 1873.  Today a female descendant of the Mitchell's still owns that Pub!"

Tammy Mitchell, British Columbia, Canada:  emails, January 16, 2012



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