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"Winter Fairly"


Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  - "Winter Fairly"

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'Winter Fairly'

Most of James Patrick's photographs were taken in or around Edinburgh and Swanston at the foot of the Pentland Hills to the south of Edinburgh.

Where is This?

Does anybody recognise where this photograph was taken?

1902 Postcard

This card was posted from Edinburgh to Greenock on the Firth of Clyde in the West of Scotland,  on 24 December 1902.

The card has a divided back. 1902 was the first year that the Post Office allowed both a message and an address to be written on the back of the card. 

In this case, the only message written on the card is the Christmas greeting on the front of the card.

Christmas Greeting

Thank you to Cathy Chick for showing me another copy of this postcard, similar to the one illustrated above, but with the message:

'With the Compliments of the Season'

printed on it.


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