St Margaret's Convent

Whitehouse Loan, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

High Altar, St Margaret's Convent

Postcard publlished by PTA  -  The High ALtar, St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh

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St Margaret's Convent


The High Altar

This postcard shows the High Altar at St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh.  The inscription along the front of the altar cloth is the first two lines of a Gregorian Chant.  It reads:

"Ecce Panis Angelorum, Factus cibis Viatorum"


"Behold the Bread of Angels, made the Food of wayfarers"

Inside the Convent

This postcard is one of three postcards showing the inside of the convent.  All three have been published by PTA.  I don't know when these photos were taken.

 Here is the other two postcard:

Entrance Hall

    PTA postcard  -  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh  -  Entrance Hall ©

The Cloister

    PTA postcard  -  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh  -  The Cloister ©


Here is a postcard showing an exterior view of the convent, facing onto Whitehouse Loan

   St Margaret's Convent ©

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The High Altar


Thank you to Jan Still,  a former pupil of St Margaret's convent,  for sending me her recollections of:

the Cloister

Museum Hall

-  and (below) the High Altar

Jan wrote:


"It was a beautiful Alter when it was all 'dressed up', and one was terrified to spill candle grease when stubbing out the candles.  Lighting them was a lot easier!"

Screen and Pews

"The whole area was enclosed by the most exquisite carved 'screen' all the way around. (there may be an architectural name for this) which contained the Nuns' Pews and the Girls' Pews.

The Nuns' Pews formed part of the 'screen' - and were inbuilt into the screen/enclosure.  The Girls’ Pews were self standing down the centre leading to the Alter, with the Postulants at the back section of these pews.

All the seats would lift so that we could kneel.  These pews are difficult to describe.  I don't know when they were all carved but they were lovely."

More Carvings

"At the top of the domed carved 'gated' entrance doors to the Alter, there was a beautifully carved 'Christ on the Cross' with Mary and John at the foot of the Cross."

The Chapel

"The Chapel was cool inside, the wood carvings had an aroma, and the residual scent of incense and candles gave the chapel an great sense of Sanctity:   However,  I don’t think it rubbed off on the majority of the Girls – we were too mischievous!"


"This photo brings back so many happy memories.  The Chapel was, at that time, awe inspiring and strangely cosy!

 Unfortunately, I believe the carved screen enclosure, Nuns' Pews, Girls' Pews  and 'Christ on the Cross' have all been taken away in the march to 'modernity':  a great pity in my opinion."

Jan Still, Edinburgh, June 3, 2008


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