St Margaret's Convent

Whitehouse Loan, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

The Cloisters, St Margaret's Convent

Postcard  -  St Margaret's Convent  -  The Cloister

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St Margaret's Convent



This postcard of the High Altar at St Margaret's Convent is one of three postcards showing the inside of the convent.  All three have been published by PTA.  I don't know when these photos were taken.

 Here is the other two postcard:

High Altar

    Postcard publlished by PTA  -  The High ALtar, St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh

Entrance Hall

    PTA postcard  -  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh  -  Entrance Hall


Here is a postcard showing an exterior view of the convent, facing onto Whitehouse Loan

   St Margaret's Convent

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The Cloister  -  Recollections

Thank you to Jan Still,  a former pupil of St Margaret's convent,  for sending me her recollections of:

the High Altar

Museum Hall

-  and (below) the Cloister

Jan wrote:

The Cloister

"We called this area The Cloister.  There were Classrooms on the left.

At the bottom, just before the Stairs to the Museum Hall was the Refectory.

The Cloister was, in our time, tiled forming a Pattern.  As 'Regulation' Shoes were leather-soled, it was great to take a run and slide down, the objective being to get the longest slide!

Needless to say this did not go down well with the Nuns."

Jan Still, Edinburgh, June 3, 2008


St Margaret's Convent  -  More Recollections

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   St Margaret's Convent


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