Postcard  -  Sutherland

Portobello High Street

Date - not known

Portobello High Street

Postcard published by Sutherland  -  High Street, Portobello

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire, England


Portobello High Street


When might this photo have been taken?  The notice on the left of the photo may help to provide an answer.  It reads:





*  I cannot be sure about the street number.  It is not very clear in my copy of the photo.



Archie Foley

Joppa, Edinburgh

Thank you to Archie Foley who wrote:

The Tram

"I have this postcard in my collection

   Postcard published by Sutherland  -  High Street, Portobello

 and whoever had the card before me wrote on the back in pencil 'Edinburgh Corporation standard type car 323 going to Joppa (Rt. 20)'.  Of course, the tram is not going to, but coming from Joppa.  It is number 323, however."

The Car

"Other information that might help to date the card is that the registration number of the car is 'SF 1340' and I have been told that it is a Bullnose Morris."

Ground To Let

"On my copy of the card, it is clear that applications about the ground to let had to be made to 259 High Street. I haven't checked but think this would have been, in fact, where the sign is."

Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh:  October 31, 2010

Thank you to Archie Foley for also sending me a recent photograph taken at  roughly from the same spot.

Archie added

Buildings Today

"The gable end before Windsor Place Church (now flats) belongs to Carlo's take away that replaced the Blue Bell Inn.  It is numbered 227 Portobello High Street.

The terrace of one-storey shops still remains between it and the new health centre, which is numbered 265."



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