Post card  -  Tuck's "Oilette" series

The Forth Bridge

Tuck's Post Card  -  "Oilette" Series

Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  -  The Forth Bridge

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      Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  -  The Forth Bridge


The Forth Bridge

Tuck's "Oilette" series

Here is  a postcard from the Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Oilette" Edinburgh - Princes Street series (8956).  I don't know why it is part of that series.  The Forth Bridge lies about 10 miles to the west of the centre of Edinburgh.

This card reproduces a painting by John Blair

Many "Oilette" cards were produced in the first decade of the 20th century, but this one was not posted until February 1926.  It appears to be from a later series.  See the series number.  It does not have the textured, 'brush-stroke' appearance of some of Tuck's early "Oilette" cards.

Tuck's description on the back of this card reads:

"The Forth Bridge, one of the great engineering triumphs of the age, carries the North British Railway line across the Queensferry narrows.

It is on a cantilever principle and is upwards of one and a half miles in length, fully two-thirds of the distance over salt water.  The great central arches, each nearly a third of a mile in span, spring from the Island of Inchgarvie;   and the summits of the peers rise to a height of 361 ft above high water mark.

The bridge, which took seven years in construction, was opened on 4th March 1890 by King Edward VII.  It cost three and a half million sterling."


Forth Bridge

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