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Valentine Postcard  -  Sailing model yachts on Inverleith Pond in Inverleith Park.

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Valentine Postcard  -  Sailing model yachts on Inverleith Pond in Inverleith Park.

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Inverleith Pond

Looking towards Edinburgh Castle

The View

The Pond in Inverleith Park, about a mile north-west of the centre of Edinburgh has long been a popular place for sailing model yachts and, more recently, small radio-controlled boats.

The silhouette of Edinburgh Castle can be seen on the skyline on the right of the picture.  Inverleith Park has become a popular venue for watching the Edinburgh fireworks display from Edinburgh Castle at the end of the Edinburgh Festival each year, and at New Year.

Two Postcards

The two postcards above have both been numbered B4920 by Valentine.  This indicates that the photograph was taken in 1951.

-  Postcard 1, the sepia card was sent through the post from Edinburgh on July 14, 1955.

-  Postcard 2, the black and white postcard with the serrated edge has not been sent through the post.



Lilian Young

Hamilton Square, New Jersey, USA

Thank you to Lilian Young who wrote:

Inverleith Pond

Model Yachts

"When I saw the photos of Inverleith Pond, they brought back happy memories for me.

Valentine Postcard  -  Sailing model yachts on Inverleith Pond in Inverleith Park.

My Mother took my brother and me to the pond so that he could sail his yacht and we spent many hours there."


"At the time there were swans in the pond.  As I was fascinated by these beautiful birds, I wanted to get up close when we fed them.  However, my Mom always cautioned me that they could be fierce and could chase you if you got too near their nests.

 The first time I saw the swans chasing a kid I was amazed at the size of the wings and decided Mom really did know best, so I kept my distance.

On a trip home to Scotland in 2006 my cousin and went to the pond to check it out but unfortunately it had been emptied for repairs. Thanks to the person who sent the photos to you."

Lilian Young, Hamilton Square, New Jersey:  February 13, 2013



Peter Stubbs


Inverleith Pond


"Hi Lilian:

I thought you might be interested to hear about the progress with the pond since your visit to Edinburgh in 2006.

In fact, the work on reconstructing the pond continued during 2006 and the result was quite a transformation.  I took some photos of the pond in late-2006 and early 2007, showing the ponds again filled with water, wooden walkways constructed across the smaller of the two ponds, and reeds planted throughout this pond.  The result looked good.

I'll add some of the photos to the EdinPhoto web site when I can find the time to do that."

Peter Stubbs:  February 14, 2013



Allan Dodds


Thank you to Allan Dodds who replied:

Inverleith Pond

Valentine Postcard  -  Sailing model yachts on Inverleith Pond in Inverleith Park.        Valentine Postcard  -  Sailing model yachts on Inverleith Pond in Inverleith Park.

"The pictures of Inverleith Pond look just as I remember it.

Sailing Model Yachts

Model yacht sailing was a serious pastime for adults and most evenings in the good weather saw dozens of craft with a vane aft controlling the rudder, sailing silently.  Those yachts weren't radio controlled so they had to be trimmed just right to bring them back to the shore.

Radio-controlled motorised craft were also to be seen on the pond, but the purists despised them. The boathouse that was used by the yachtsmen was demolished many years ago."

The Pond in Winter

"I remember that in the winter the pond would be drained by about a foot to help it to freeze over and make skating relatively safe

Ice hockey matches took place when freezing cold weather prevailed for a week or so.  In the winter of 1962-63, I remember driving my 1933 Austin Seven onto the ice and having great fun skidding around at midnight!

Such delinquency would not be tolerated by the authorities of today and possibly wasn't then either, but we got away with it and that's the main thing!"

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England:  February 14, 2013



Arthur Dutch

Clashmore, Sutherland. Scotland;
formerly Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to Joan Beattie (Friends of Inverleith Park), Stockbridge,  Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce the brief article below taken from the Spring 2014 edition of their newsletter.

Thank you, also, to Arthur Dutch for writing the article.

Arthur's Memories

Inverleith Park


"My earliest memories are being allocated an allotment where the large miniature golf course is now (even the golf course now no longer exists) and helping my father to lift the turf and start turning the soil."

Hill by the Pond

"At that time there was a large circular area on the hill at the north side of the pond enclosed by railings and planted with shrubs and bushes.  Entry to this area was by a tunnel from the pond, giving the water fowl a safe nesting area. I always thought it was a great mistake that this was removed."

Yacht Club

"I can also remember when you came down Portgower Place and turned left to go to the pond, there was a little cottage which the yacht club used."

Swans and Geese

"Behind the cottage, there was a triangle of enclosed ground where the swans and Canadian Geese were locked up at dusk."


"I also remember, one winter, rolling a huge snowball down the hill on to the frozen pond, much to the great annoyance of the skaters.  They did not enjoy my sense of fun."


"During the war there was entertainment at the bandstand which was located by going through the Rose Garden, then turning to the left."

There were two building for changing rooms, and in the centre was a beautiful building with band area and public toilets at the back. This building should never have been demolished, the woodwork was of real quality."


"I have given to the Friends, the iron cup that belonged to the pink granite fountain and which the workman gave to me so many years ago."

I decided that the correct home for it is with the Friends."

Aye,  Arthur Dutch.

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joan Beattie (Friends of Inverleith Park), Stockbridge, Edinburgh AND Arthur Dutch, Clashmore, Sutherland. Scotland; formerly Stockbridge, Edinburgh


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