Valentine's Postcard

Foot of Leith Walk


Early 1900s

The Foot of Leith Walk, Leith  -  A Valentine Postcard, photographed 1902

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Foot of Leith Walk

When was this Photo taken?

This Valentine postcard is numbered 37621.  This is within the series on numbers (36697-38587) allocated by Valentine to photographs taken in 1902.

However, this photograph appears to have been taken between late 1905 (when electric trams began to operate in Leith) and early 1908 (when this card was sent through the post from Edinburgh to Montrose, on 27 January 1908).

New and Amended Views

For popular views such as this, it was not unusual for Valentines to bring the view up to date, either by adding or removing vehicles of people on the original negative (as was done for this photograph featuring Rock House on Calton Hill

Here, Valentines produced seven different postcards, and quite likely even more, from a single negative.

On other occasions, Valentines would take a new photograph for a postcard, and give the new postcard the same number as the old, as seems to have happened for the Leith Walk postcard above.

My source dating Valentine postcards from their numbers is a small booklet published by St Andrews University Library in 1999, titled 'University of St Andrews Valentine Collection'. 


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