Valentine's Postcard

Murrayfield Avenue


Posted 1906

Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh  -  A Valentine Postcard, posted 1906

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Murrayfield Avenue

The View

Murrayfield Avenue leads to the north-west from the Edinburgh to Glasgow road at Roseburn Terrace, just over a mile to the west of the West End of Princes Street. 

It is close to the centre of this map, which incidentally shows a proposed extension of Murrayfield Avenue futher to the north through Murrayfield House.  The extension was never build


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  Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  West Edinburgh section

The Valentine number on this postcard is 50926 which indicates that the postcard is from a photograph taken in 1905.

The Message

This postcard was sent from Edinburgh to Brussels (postage 1 penny) on 23 December 1906 with the message

"Xmas wishes."



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