Valentine's Post Card

Princes Street

Looking west from the North British Hotel


The Floral Clock

in West Princes Street Gardens  -  Which Year

Floral Clock  -  Which Year?

Valentine Postcard  -  View to the west along Princes Street and view of the Floral Clock in West Princes Street Gardens  -  Which Year?

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Valentine Postcard

Two Views

Main picture: This looks to the west along Princes Street towards Edinburgh Castle, the National Galleries and the Scott Monument.

This view has changed little since the mid-19th century, though the traffic in Princes Street has changed:

-  from horse-drawn carriages
-  to trams
-  to cars and now
-  to buses.

Inset picture: This shows the floral clock in West Princes Street Gardens


This postcard has been numbered by D2996 by Valentine on the floral clock photo.  This number is part of the series that Valentine allocated to photos taken in 1958, but I believe that the photograph used on this card dates from around 1926 or earlier.  Since that date, there have been commemorative messages on the clocks.

This postcard was posted in Edinburgh in 1962.



Floral Clock

Background Notes

Floral Clock


Floral Clock


Floral Clock

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Edinburgh Castle Scott Monument

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