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6 Views of Portobello

Postcard with six views of Portobello by Wilberforce Lodge IOGT

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The Postcard

This postcard was posted in Portobello on 29 October 1906

The views on the card are:

-  The Pier

-  Joppa from East

-  Donkeys

-  Municipal Buildings

-  On the Sands

The Sands.


Printed on the back of this card is: 'Wilberforce Lodge I O G T'

What does I O G T denote?




David Robertson

Thank you to David Robertson who wrote:

Postcard Publisher

Postcard with six views of Portobello by Wilberforce Lodge IOGT ©

"This ‘Greetings from Portobello’ card with six miniature views on a thistle background is almost certainly a card produced by William Ritchie & Sons (WR&S) in their Reliable Series.

They produced similar cards for many other locations around Scotland."

David Robertson:  August 17, 2013




Richard Torrance


Thank you to Richard Torrance for answering the question that I asked near the top of this page:

"What does I O G T denote?"

Richard replied:


"I came across this in Wikipedia which would fit in with Wilberforce Lodge:

IOGT International (formerly known as
International Organisation of Good Templars
and International Order of Good Templars
and the Independent Order of Good Templars)

is an international non-governmental organisation working in the field of temperance.  It is based in Sweden, a country which had very strict alcohol policies and laws in the past."

David Robertson:  August 17, 2013



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