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High Street

Musselburgh High Street   -   Card posted 1905

WR&S 'Reliable Series' postcard  -  Mussel;burgh  -  Card posted 1905

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   WR&S Postcard  -  Musselburgh High Street  -  Card posted 1905


Musselburgh High Street


Musselburgh lies beside the Firth of Forth, to the east of Portobello, and about 5 miles to the east of the centre of Edinburgh.


This postcard was published by WR&S, a company that published many postcards of Edinburgh and a few books of views of Edinburgh in the early 1900s.

The two ladies in the pastel-coloured dresses are unlikely to have been in the original photograph.  WR&S added figures such as these 'in the darkroom' to many of their photos of local scenes, in order to produce more glamorous postcards.

The card was posted from Musselburgh to Edinburgh on 25 July 1905 by Nellie, who appeared to have confidence in the postal service.  The card read:

"Dear Bee,

If you can spare the time to come here tomorrow (Wednesday) please come.

Can you let me know?

         with love




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